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The Seven Month Plan October 5, 2010

Boxes 1

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I feel a move coming on…

Since the age of twelve, I have lived a very transient lifestyle. Recently I calculated that I have moved 14 times in 24 years. That may not seem like a lot to some people, but I always envied the stories of families living in the same house on the same property for generations. “I was born in this house, married here, raised my children here, we have a family graveyard on the grounds…”

Most of the moves I have made as an adult have looked something like this:

  1. Time to move again
  2. OK, I have x months to get ready
  3. Plenty of time to slowly downsize my belongings so as not to move so many boxes and bins
  4. OK, I have a month before the move, time to pick up the pace since I have about 3 boxes actually packed in an organized fashion
  5. One week to go, better sort some stuff after the move, lets at least keep rooms separated so we don’t have trouble finding things later
  6. Tomorrow the truck will be here, start throwing things in boxes, doesn’t even matter if we sort, label, whatever…just get it done
  7. Aaahh, please save this room for last, I’ll keep packing while you guys load everything else up
  8. Good thing we planned to move three days before we need to hand over the keys…we will have to load up the car and make some final trips over the next couple of days and save the last day for cleaning
  9. that we are in our ‘new’ place…can we try to move everything still packed into one room so we can gradually go through the boxes and still have decent living space??
  10. Just shut the door when company comes over, I can’t even LOOK at that room…grrrr…I’ll NEVER be organized!!
  11. Time to move again
  12. OK, I have x months to get ready…

In many areas of my life I am a very detailed, organized, disciplined, rational, dependable person. When it comes to uprooting my living space it is a completely different story. I have the tendency to throw nothing away. Nothing. I have the ticket stub to every movie I have ever seen in a theater. I have the program for every graduation, the invitation to every wedding, the order of service for every funeral…let alone every book I have ever owned, every kitchen appliance that ever caught my eye, every holiday decoration, every photo…

Now, I have seen those television shows, like Hoarders, where people can not even walk in the front door of their 5 bedroom house without stepping over the mountains of hoarded junk (much still in the original packaging) and their lives are stuck. I recognize how easily I could be that person. If I had money, I may very well be facing an intervention of my own.

Let me be clear. I have a room in my apartment with no furniture in it. This is where my boxes live. The rest of our living space is ‘company ready’, as my mom would refer to it. Clean, organized, places to sit and interact. I go in ‘the room’ on occasion to find whatever it is I ‘think I still have’ to try to find it…mostly my husband gets this job. *sorry babe*

It IS out of control. It IS tiring, frustrating, debilitating. But this is the year of the change, right. Right.

So on to the Seven Month Plan. IF we move in the spring, I want to move lighter than I ever have. In the next seven months I want to eliminate the need for a ‘storage room’. A storage closet would not bother me in the least. I would like, however, to be able to use any extra room in our space for guests. Maybe there would be a place for something more permanent, we have talked about some day fostering or adopting…

Well then, I need a plan. Lets not spend most of the next seven months planning out the plan. Lets get it down ‘on paper’ right here, right now.

Each month I want to report back my ‘room cleanse’ progress. Each week I want to set a goal manageable with my schedule. Each day I want to DO something toward that goal. Is it going to good will? Put it in the car now. Is it getting sold? Is it recyclable?? Trash???

Sounds somewhat familiar to my starting list. The difference is the accountability I am trying to add by sharing it in my blog. Thanks in advance for cheering me on…tonight, box number 1!


Let the UPS help with the DOWNS September 29, 2010

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How Do You Feel Today?

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OK. So I was just writing a message to my brother on Facebook. Life can be such a rocky road, and I don’t mean the ice cream variety either!! I hope that I am an encouragement to the people who drift in and out of my life, be it in a brief one time encounter or the nearly 24/7 I spend with my amazing husband. I know how much a smile or kind word can lift my spirits and spur me on and I wish to be that person as opposed to the ‘miseries who love company’ so much that they can throw a bucket of ice on my warm fuzzies and ruin a perfectly good mood.

Truth be told, I am not always the cheerleader that I strive to be…no one can be that person all of the time! Impossible. Unless you stuff everything negative that happens in your life and then what kind of real life are you having?! On the other hand, who wants to be around mr/ms grumpy pants constantly either. I would almost rather the former on some days.

Back to my point. I was typing away and towards the end of my ramblings this phrase just appeared on my screen. Let the UpsĀ  help with the Downs. Hmm.

  • If I could somehow manage to look at the amazing meal my gifted and talented husband prepared for us instead of the mountain of crusty dishes left in his dust…
  • If I would see my room of randomly packed boxes from my 39 years of life as a treasure hunt instead of a dreaded chore to (seemingly NEVER) complete…
  • If I were to relish in the undivided time my spouse and I are privileged enough to have right now in our marriage instead of mourning the child never born to our family…
  • If time were not my enemy robbing me of my, well, time – but my teacher gifting me with knowledge and wisdom…

You get the idea. This list is endless. This list is POWERFUL and NEEDED in my every moment. Yes, we mourn and we struggle and we are punched in the gut and steamrolled and on and on.and.on.

BUT. What IF.

Tell me some of your UPS that help you with your DOWNS. I would love to hear from you…leave a comment below and lets share some warm fuzzies.


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