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Breathing and Boxes and Blogs…Oh My! December 31, 2010

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This week was filled with kleenex and clear soda, mashed potatoes and hot tea…and lots of wishing I could breathe thru my nose. (you are most welcome for the over-share)

It has also been filled with progress, the most progress I have seen in my ‘blink’ year yet since starting my blog back in September.

The time had come to completely clear out the storage spare room. Our living room has temporarily taken on the role of box/bin (eyesore) space. Eyesore is the word of the week and seemingly – suddenly the best motivation to date to move me forward in my purging process!

Yay!! I have sent a carload of items to Good Will and have more ready to go. I have gone through no less than 6 boxes in the last few days and cut the contents by half.

The seven month plan is now squeezed into the four-month plan…small fail on my part, but I am newly optimistic that this In My Face approach is a winner-winner-chicken-dinner:)

Oh yeah, and now I am taking on this blog-a-day challenge…we shall see.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!!!


Boxes, Treadmills and Halloween November 3, 2010

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dog on treadmill

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If I were to tell you that I have emptied as many boxes as there have been days since my ‘box #1’ post, you would all be jumping for joy and congratulating me profusely!!

Umm…hold the applause:(

Yes, I emptied box #1. Yes, it feels good to accomplish something so tedious (box # 1 was ALL paper – blech). But box #1 did not lead to box #’s 2, 3,4…

In the meantime, I am not deterred! I shall not be moved!! Well, I shall be moved in about 6 months, therefore I shall not be moved when it comes to accomplishing my goal! Even better, I know I have the full support of my patient and loving husband, who does not welcome this two month lay-off of his but embraces the project as a joint effort during this time!! Yeah, that is awesome support!

Also in the meantime, we have acquired a treadmill, and NO it will NOT become an extra clothes hanger..if it ever does, it will be the very next thing to exit our lives just as quickly as it came! More about said treadmill in a future post. I will tell you, however, that acquiring the treadmill meant loosing two televisions, a table and a cooler..go me!! (they were leaving anyhow, but this was a good reason to say yes to a gift of such size and potential positive influence…thanks M&D – you rock!)

Now, back to Halloween. My guest writer shared her thoughts on the holiday here last Sunday and I am thankful that she was so willing to be with us. Thanks so much, Shannon;)

I am in search of some old photos and stories of past Halloween happenings in my family – if I do not find them in the next couple of days we are moving on because now is the time for focus. More blogging, more walking, more boxes emptied!!!



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