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Being 39: Where I've been, Where I am, and Where I'm going…

About Me September 7, 2010

Amtrak under the skyline

Image by amtrak_russ via Flickr


My name is Kim. I am married to my best friend, Steve. I spent the first 12 years of my life growing up in Philadelphia in the 70s and early 80s before moving to Michigan when my parents decided it was time for a (drastic) change. I went to high school in small-town USA and only stayed at college for (nearly) one semester. I traveled several states singing Southern Gospel music and doing some writing and vocal coaching along the way. I worked in retail for a decade. 

I moved to the second largest city in Michigan in my late 20s. I found Grand Rapids to be the perfect blend of urban and rural for my tastes. 

As my 40s near, it seems I am at last ready to openly explore those areas of life that need tweaking, ok – overhauling. This blog is intended to be my attempt at putting all of the internal conversation on the screen and create an environment where healthy dialog can abound! 

I think this may prove to be easier than the real desire of my heart…to take the dialog and turn it into real life change. 


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Aha! Kim! A way to tell you that your blog entry about JG was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your words with me on my blog (Lessons From Teachers and Twits); it really meant a lot to me. You must prefer to not get comments. Sorry. I had to tell you that your blog is a beautiful tribute and memorial to your *lost* friend.

    • Renee, thanks for popping in! I LOVE comments but am so brand new to blogging…maybe I need to work on my page layout!

      My friend JG was a wonderful woman and dearly missed. She just passed away last week.

      The friend I mentioned in my comments to you died about 7 years ago and we still struggle to make sense…

      I am thankful for a new blogging buddy. Looking forward to future posts.

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