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6 Month Check-Up March 11, 2011

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My Day, a mini schedule

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So I have decided that, while I am being productive, there is more I could be getting done. That means it is time for me to beef up the accountability factor.

Each Friday until our move, and on the first Friday of each month from May to September, I will post an update on how things are progressing during this year of whatever it is.

I started this blog 6 months ago with hopes of digging into my clutter, my past and my wishes for the future. I have unearthed so many treasures and taken lots of happy trips down memory lane. I have had a few tough conversations and have given away a multitude of things.

Some weeks are better than others when it comes to de-cluttering before packing. But the time has come to actually start thinking about boxing up the things we plan to take with us!

YUCK! Another move! I am totally excited and completely overwhelmed, typical polar reactions happening simultaneously.

This week, I must confess, showed nearly no progress whatsoever. I started organizing our bedroom closet, but that was about it. I’m ok with that as far as it goes. But the calendar is looming. Time to set some daily goals:

Mondays – Phone calls and deliveries, packing new boxes

Tuesdays – Closets

Wednesdays – Old boxes

Thursdays – Recover from any piles that have emerged (I tend to pile in categories and then walk away. By the end of a week I have a maze through the apartment.)

Fridays/Saturdays – Major laundry projects

These are the set daily tasks. Once those specific things get done, I can jump into more old boxes until they are finally finished.

There we have it. Now to schedule in the blogging. Oh, wait. That always seems to find me ready and available;)


5 Responses to “6 Month Check-Up”

  1. jelillie Says:

    Hope the packing continues to go well. Fortunately my recent move did not entail as much stuff as other moves! God has told me it’s time to simplify! Good luck!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. This year is all about down-sizing my entire life, including my ‘stuff’. I am already well on my way to moving less belongings this time around!

  2. I wish you great success on your move. I have moved more times than I wish to think.

    Check out an old blog post of mine called “It Has Been a Moving Experience.”

    I love your writing.


    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Shane. I enjoyed your ‘moving’ post and look forward to reading more. I’ve moved 14 times and this will not be the last, but it may be the easiest to date!! Here’s hoping.

  3. justmarriedgirl Says:

    We moved last summer, and even though I felt somewhat organized, by the end, I could not wait for it to be over. Hope it continues to go smoothly!!

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