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Memory Mine: Pets – Family Treasures March 7, 2011

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Bengi's glowing eyesThe first family pet I grew up with was a husky/collie mix who looked like Lassie and we named Benji. Go figure.

What a great companion he was. He put up with me and my myriad of stuffed animal friends. He was great to cuddle with at nap time. He would seek out anyone whose name we whispered from across the room.

He was my brother’s dog. And he was my first k-9 best bud.

Later there was Butch, the tiny squished faced chihuahua who only lived a sad, brief time. Then came Tory, she was my love. She had two teeny tiny babies through c-section and we vowed to never put her through that again.

All three of my favorite four-legged friends are gone now. I have had roommates with cats and fish. I married an outdoor dog kinda guy. (We agree to disagree -the Wiki definition makes me giggle when it comes to my hubby and me- and we will probably never have pets of our own)

This weekend my friend said goodbye to her lovely little family friend. I understand the loss. Our treasured pets make us smile and laugh. They often bring us comfort when tears come. My Tory was there with me when my father passed away. I was 19.  She let me hold her close and cry and cry. She would lick my hand and snuggle in for the night.

Night, night little Bailey. Though I never met you, you were a treasure to a family and will remain so in their hearts for years to come.


4 Responses to “Memory Mine: Pets – Family Treasures”

  1. Mare Says:

    Wow Kimmy – this got me thinking of my sweet dog…and then I read the name of the pet at the end of your blog and about started crying. My Bailey arrived in 1989 and was gone in 2003. I sure miss her. She lived through the military, 5 moves, travelled through half the Unites States, visited all my friends and their pets, and remained my loyal friend till she died. She was so smart and funny! She’d run rings for anyone who came to visit. What a great blessing she was to me through many difficulties and joys. Thank you for letting me talk about my one and only best bud dog!

    • Aw!! A Bailey I DID know, though all too briefly! I know, all the stories this post brought to mind…far too many to tell in one setting. Our furry friends are so important to us. Love ya;)

  2. jen Says:

    aww…thanks, Kimmy! It’s really helped comfort me to hear how much others have loved their pets.

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